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Children's Theater of Delmarva

The Children’s Theater of Delmarva (CTOD) was founded in 1996 as a non-profit Community Performing Arts organization and has produced more than 44 programs. Over 400 participants (whose ages range from 4-25) have performed and experienced our workshops and live productions. All CTOD programs and events are currently free; all labor is provided by volunteers, including the founder, Carlos Mir.

Our main funding sources for purchasing sound and lighting equipment are grants and local donations. These funding sources have enabled us to offer our productions free of charge and without membership fees. When obtaining your free tickets, please consider making a contribution to support our programs.

The CTOD’s is dedicated to providing a platform for the local youth. The CTOD’s signature show The Stand-Up provides a live experience with an educational component; theater workshops are included the day of The Stand-Up in an effort to prepare each child for their performance. In addition to the educational aspect, the workshops motivate and build self-esteem through practice and repetition. All productions are televised on PAC14 (public access channel). and appearances at local festival. With education remaining the driving force, the CTOD is eager to create an opportunity for members and professionals to perform and offer the community high quality performances.